The Messiah Collection

A Collection of paintings of Jesus, the Messiah. Jesus was not any ordinary man. He was God incarnate and fulfilled atleast 300 prophesies through His birth, life, death and resurrection. He played a pivotal role in history, so much as to divide history into BC and AD. He challenged religious practices, worked with the outcasts of the society, uplifted women and minorities, loved mankind to the point of death. He truly changed the Workd for good. Many, misunderstood His mission and still do. That doesn’t diminish who He really was – The Messiah.

This collection is ongoing and I add to this collection from time to time. It includes paintings using different mediums – acrylics, watercolor and mixed media.

Painting from THE MESSIAH Collection- Covenant

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The WORD Collection

This is an ongoing collection. The Bible has been the most influential book in my life. In good times and bad, the Words in the Bible have offered me hope, inspiration, direction, comfort and more. The God of the Bible, Jesus, offers me inspiration to be like Him. Take Him out of my life and you will find a Suki that’s not Suki at all. So, it’s must be no surprise that most of my paintings are inspired by God and His Words in the Bible. This collection aims to bring an artistic impression of some of the famous characters and stories in the Bible. The collection is mostly done with watercolors and ink. Browse this collection.

Painting from THE WORD Collection

Meaningful Christmas Collection

This collection was created and completed during Christmas 2020. The collection attempts to capture the meaning behind some of the popular Christmas traditions. This collection includes paintings that were done in Watercolor and Ink

Meaningful Christmas- Chrismas Lights

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