Welcome to Project Life Infinity, a web3 initiative by Suki’s Fine Art. Project Life Infinity is created to promote positive and life giving content for Web 3.0. As with most of my work, I believe God is leading me into this new space to create beauty and life. If you are a Web 3.0 user, I encourage you to support Project Life Infinity. Visit project Life Infinity here.


My genesis(first) collection is Mr.H2O and I’m currently actively working on this collection. New NFTs are minted and dropped every other day on Open Sea, a platform for buying and selling NFTs.

Mr.H2O is a direct reflection of… you guessed it – “living waters”. Mr.H2O is a collection of over 100 individually, digitally painted avatars featuring various moods and accessories. Each individual Mr.H2O is inspired by different pieces of scripture and these scritures define the characteristics of individual Mr.H2O. Read his description, traits and mood to get the complete picture of your Mr. H2O. All profits from direct sales and royalties go towards positively impacting the life of children living on the streets in Chennai, India. Check out my H2O collection here.


What is NFT?

There is absolutely no way I can explain it so I will leave to the experts to do just that. Here’s a link that answers a lot of questions you might have in a very candid way.

Why Life Infinity?

Web 3.0 is a reality and so many people use this space. From the beginning of my art journey, God has called me into spaces to bring beauty, light and hope. As more and more people start using web 3.0, I believe there is a real need for family and kid safe/centric content creators. God always provides and where there is a need, God makes a way. In the past several months, God has led me to learn all about Web 3.0 and NFT. Being a software engineer and artist by profession, I am gifted with a unique skillset to navigate through changing technology and art culture. God has been using Living Water as a continuing theme in my art journey. Thus it made sense to name the project “Life Infinity”. “Life” stands for the Life that’s promised wherever the living water flows. Jesus is the source of that water. “Infinity” stands for the nature of life – not the kind of life that ends but that which is eternal and beyond what anyone can see.

How Can You Support?

There are multiple ways to support Project Life Infinity.

  • If you are a web 3.0 user and an NFT collector, check out my collections on OpenSea. Consider buying/reselling them.
  • If you are on twitter, follow me @sukirthajoseph. While you follow, engage with my content and Retweet, comment, like, and get the word out. As a startup, I do not have a huge network and every retweet helps get the word out.
  • If you are praying person, pray for God to move through my work and through the works of other content creators who desire to bring beauty and life into this space. No space is too hard for God to use and your prayers help! Creators like me are often facing challenges in these spaces and your generosity through prayer helps us keep going.
  • If your friends or family members are on Web 3.0 and enjoy NFTs, please share my work with them.

Why Support Life Infinity?

One of the missions of Suki’s Fine Art is to give generously – creatively and monetarily to places of need. That mission flows into Life Infinity. This will be a mission driven project. That means this is not a project to benefit Suki’s Fine Art but to support organizations and other mission driven NFT/Web 3.0 projects.

  • All profit will go towards making a tangible difference in the life of children living on the streets of various parts of India, my birthplace. This will happen through an organization close to my heart and was founded by my uncle. While he is no longer with us, his dream of reaching children on the streets of various metros across India, continues. Community child support include (but not limited to) food, tuition, counseling, community activities, support during natural disasters, training, career guidance and help with college fees.
  • Upon reaching various milestones in this project, Project Infinity will support other mission driven NFT projects on Web 3.0.