The Messenger Art Print


The print of this beautiful painting is available for purchase. The painting was painted in 2020 with watercolor and ink narrates the story of the first witness of the resurrection.
The 11×14 is printed on high quality Canon Glossy II paper with high quality ink on profession art printer. The back of the print is signed, dated and numbered. There’s an extra thin margin around the print for matting purposes. The dimension 11×14, excludes the margin.. Does NOT include a frame. Does NOT include a certificate.

The Messenger

This is my favorite story from the Bible. When the story of Jesus seemed to have ended, His tomb sealed by the Roman soldiers, a group of women went on early Sunday morning to embalm his body. They had no idea how to roll the stone but they were so filled with passion for their Lord, that logic didn’t matter. They stepped out in faith, early in the morning. The 11 disciples that Jesus left behind, were hiding and these women went out despite the danger of being arrested. To their amazement, the stone was already rolled over and the tomb was open and they were greeted by an angel. Fast forward, Mary Magdalene lingered in the garden of the tomb, looking for her Savior. She was grief stricken, and couldn’t understand what all of this meant. Moments after that, she came face to face with Jesus. How could it be? She had seen him taken down from the cross, wrapped in grave clothes and laid in a tomb. How could it be? Her Savior had indeed conquered death. His words, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;” was finally coming true. When Jesus commissioned her to carry the message of His resurrection to his disciples, she did! She ran as fast as she could and told them what she had experienced. She had become the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus. A woman, a nobody in those days. Her witness wouldn’t even stand in the courts, and yet, that’s whom Jesus picked. And she remained faithful to the message entrusted to her. She witnessed, risking her life, risking her reputation, risking everything she had, because she had witnessed the resurrection! It was no ordinary event. It was worth everything she had. The resurrection still isn’t an ordinary event. When we recognize that, it should change everything in us. Does it? If no, then maybe, we need a fresh revelation of what the resurrection means.


11"x14", 8"×10"


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