Simply put, prophetic art is “creating art with God”. It’s this beautiful dance where as artists, we do the thing that God has put on our heart through our creative process. He flows through us by the power of the Holy Spirit in order to inspire us, bring fulfillment to us in our unique design and release His transformative nature through us to touch the world around us.  As our artistic skills increase, our capacity to flow with God is enlarged.  And as our ability to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit is sharpened, our art becomes much more than just the sum of materials, tools and techniques. It becomes transformative, as a means of grace.

Always remember, creating with the Holy Spirit is about process, not product, intention not necessarily the outcome. It’s about continually cultivating ears to hear, eyes to see, and senses to feel what God is saying and doing within your world. Then, respond through your chosen creative process. That’s prophetic art. It’s that simple.

“The essence of creating prophetic art is learning to listen with the ears of your spirit via your imagination in order to release the Light and Life of God through the work you create.” – Matt Tommey