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Abide In Me

Sometimes God speaks in a whisper but there are times He speaks over a megaphone. I’ve had quite a few of the megaphone instances in the past and when I get those messages, I know God is serious about it. The latest of the megaphone instances has been the message “Abide in me”. Be it while reading the Bible or while talking to friend or reading random article online or a random book, the message stays the same, “Abide in me”. I could no longer ignore it John chapter 15 is now probably my favourite chapter in the whole Bible. It’s a simple message but I forget it all the time. Jesus asked us to abide in him so that we can bear fruit. He asked us to abide in him so we can learn to follow his commands and love others. He asked us to abide in Him so that His joy may be in us and that our joy may be COMPLETE. But all too often, I’m tempted to do it on my own strength and I fail every single time. In His patience and grace, God is still not giving up on me and is gently pursuing me to abide in Him. God is good.

Recommended Reading – John chapters 14, 15, 16I did a very simple, very loose, watercolor painting to insist on the simplicity of the message.

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