As Is

After coming to the US, I learned a new phrase – “As Is”. I first learned it in a furniture store. I had just moved to US after getting married in India and this would be our first home together. We were in the hunt for the perfect furniture for a new home. We found a couch on the furniture store with the tag that read, “As Is”. The cost was way lower than the other items and I was intrigued. My husband enlightened me and said the buyer agrees to take the furniture home for the cost with any and all damages. Simply put, at the reduced price, the buyer agrees to ignore all the flaws.

Isn’t salvation kind of an as is deal? When Jesus died on that cross, he agreed to pay the price to purchase the salvation of flawed humans. He loved us when we were still sinners, still broken and damaged. He agreed to ignore the flaws in us and paid the cost. However, it didn’t cost him less. It cost everything! He got an “as is” deal for the full price. That’s the good news for us though! He doesn’t expect us to be perfect before we come to Him. Come as is, he says. We definitely got the better end of the deal!

PS: If you are someone who has wondered if you have gone too far to be accepted by God, know this – You are still loved by Him and He deeply desires that you will come back to Him. Don’t believe me? Read Romans 5:8.

But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Roman 5:8

2 thoughts on “As Is

  1. Linda McVey

    Sometimes ‘as is” is pretty rough! God starts with us “as is” but we improve in leaps and bounds. His grace and mercy are so much more than I can evan imagine.

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