Complicated Faith

I think we have made faith to be a very complicated matter. As humans, I think there is something innate in us to earn things instead of freely receiving it. When we see something that’s free or easy, we immediately think it must be cheap. We like to earn our way in faith too. We love complicated rules and traditions and rituals to exercise our faith. But the truth about faith is that its meant to be easy and free. Do you want to see what the simplified version of faith looks like? Look no further than James 4:8.

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. 

As simple as that. Jesus died on the cross to remove the complicated wall between man and God. He paid a very heavy price to break the wall of rules, traditions and religious rituals to receive forgiveness for our sins. You see, when Jesus died on the cross, He wiped our sins clean. Completely and absolutely clean. So this rules, traditions and rituals that we have come to love doesn’t add anything more to what has already been accomplished. It’s as if my dad has already gifted me the nice car I’ve always wanted and the key is for me to take but I’m still working and slogging to make money so I can afford to buy it. Jesus has already accomplished our freedom from sin on the cross and He has adopted us as His heir into His kingdom. So what’s left for us to do? Simply come closer to Him. Simply climb into His lap and receive our inheritance. Simply enjoy His kingship over our life because our God is both our Daddy and our King. But for what ever reason, coming closer to God doesn’t come easily to us.  We like it complicated. We like to plead and please. Its done. “It is finished”, Jesus said on that wretched cross with His dying breath. It truly is finished. There is no more need to strive and complicate the matters. Come closer to Him and you will quickly realize that He never was far from you.