Don’t Try This Yourself!!

Have you ever done skydiving? If you haven’t, don’t ever do it yourself. Of course you wouldn’t! I know you want to live and wouldn’t risk jumping all by yourself from 14,000 ft, unless you want to kill yourself.

Me on a tandem skydiving

I once wanted to do sky diving and I did it with a professional diver. When you jump with a professional, it’s called a “tandem sky diving”. When you dive in tandem with a professional, you don’t have to know anything. You don’t have to know when you should be jumping out of the plane. You don’t have to know when to deploy the parachute or how to maneuver it. You don’t even have to know how to land. You entrust your life into the hands of the professional and let him do everything. If you start messing with what he is doing, it can turn really dangerous. Trust is key in tandem sky diving.

As I was thinking about sky diving, I wondered if we trust enough to do life in tandem with God? There will be situations in life when we feel like we are in a free fall, just like jumping out of an airplane. But do we trust God enough to realize we are doing it in tandem with The Pro! He knows when to deploy the parachute, maneuver it and land us safely. Do we trust or do we try to do it all on our own and take a fatal fall? Trust is key in life too!