The All Knowing

The All Knowing – Acrylic on Canvas

Remember this: He knows it all. He sees you and your pain. He knows the ending from the beginning. His light and love remains, whether or not you see it. He can breathe life into your dead situations. Trust that He is for you and not against you.

This painting was started after I sensed an urge to paint a lion on a blue background, the background looked liked the night sky. Lions in my paintings represent Jesus, the Lion of Judah. After getting done with lion, I just added his breath(symbolizing life itself) and Greek symbols Alpha and Omega (As mentioned multiple times in the book of Revelation). I added a very discreet infinity with cross and an open to represent eternity through Jesus’ death and resurrection. I added faint stars in the background to represent how He exists outside the time and space. The painting is done with metallic and iridescent paint. Very difficult to photograph because with shifting light, the painting changes. At certain angles, the details become invisible – just like His presence is sometimes hidden from human mind and eyes. There is a brilliant blue sparkle to the painting in a darker room with a single light source, reminding of the light source that’s Jesus and through Him we shine like the stars in a night sky.

I loved painting this and has become one of my favorites till date.