What’s #1?

Growing up, I often heard my grandma quoting Matthew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I’ve heard her quote this verse so often that I’ve often wondered what it meant for me. I did not fully understand the meaning till I started living my life on my own, away from family and known environment, my first business trip to the United Kingdom. Living in a foreign country all by myself, making small and big decisions that would define my future was eye opening in many ways. I had all the freedom to do what I wanted and there really wasn’t anybody to ask me why. Up till the point, faith was part living in a community. I did what everyone did. Not a bad thing but when I was alone, I had a choice that wouldn’t be influenced by anyone. Very early during my stay in the UK, I made seeking God a priority. Be it finding a bank to open an account or finding a place to live or finding a church, I would invite God to take control and He always gladly did. I used to walk two miles everyday, up and down, to work. Those walks were key in my spiritual growth. I remember talking to Jesus, as I knew He was right there with me. I can still remember some of my prayers during those walks and the way they were eventually answered, not always as I wanted but always better than what I could have imagined. 1.5 years in Marlow, United Kingdom will always remain an important part of my spiritual journey.

Around the same time, I also began understanding, at a much deeper level, the meaning of Matthew 6:33. If you read the verse in context, we see Jesus talking to the crowds on how not worry about tomorrow but to focus on His kingdom and being righteous, today. He promises that God will provide for our needs if we will make His kingdom and righteousness a priority. This does not just mean physical provision. When God deals with us, He deals with our whole being – our body, mind and Spirit. When we set our eyes on Him and live with the priority that He sets before us, He takes care of our needs. I have been through good and bad seasons but He has provided what I need through every season. Sometimes a physical need is met. Other times its strength and courage to carry on through rough waters. Still other times its correction when I’m walking down the wrong path. Sometimes it a secret desire that comes true and sometimes its a dream redefined to make it better than what I could gave dreamed of. In sorrow and grief He has walked closer than a friend and what seems sometimes impossible is met with grace and comfort.

What’s the priority for today? I’ve come to recognize that the more we plan and control and worry about a meriad of things, the difficult it gets to prioritize on God’s kingdom and His righteousness. Shake of the weight of tomorrow. Also shake of the weight from yesterday. Set your eyes on Jesus today, the author and perfector of our faith. Lean into Him and let the intimacy with your Saviour lead you to righteousness in your word and deed. Ask Him your questions. Tell Him your doubts and wait for Him to answer you. Wait quietly for He speaks! And as we do this journey with our Creator, He will meet all our needs, including the breath that we need to breathe.