Category: Humility

Take Up The Cross

When Jesus called his disciples, they left behind their livelihood – their fishing nets and boats, their tax collecting booths and money, their business and home. They thought Jesus was the one they had waited for all their lives, the Messiah that will help them overcome the Romans and restore Israel’s glory and bring independence. […]

When I am Wrong

I love when God comforts and encourages me. It’s a great feeling to know that God is on my side. However, there have been times when God wasn’t supportive of my choices and decisions. I’ve had situations in my life where I have been wrong, very wrong. Wrong words, wrong choices, and attitudes, unhealthy habits. […]


I love the name Immanuel so much that we picked it as the middle name for our son. Immanuel – God with us. When I was pregnant with my son, our lease at the apartment we were living in was ending and as our family was growing we wanted to buy our own home. So […]

Count The Cost

In the past, I had somehow come to think that devotion to God was a means to get good things in life. A good career, a great family, lots of money and a fancy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong. These are sometimes good and can be benefitial to us and others around us but there […]

Amazing Grace?

I love the song “Amazing Grace”. Is grace truly amazing though? When our sins are forgiven, it is. When God wipes our slate clean and says “you are forgiven and you don’t have to earn it”, it’s amazing! What isn’t amazing though is when we have to extend that grace to others. Grace is anything […]

My Humble King

There is beauty when a powerful person stays humble. Humility is like the crown jewel and is the most valuable in people of power. Throughout history, there have been people who’ve rose to power but chose to remain humble. There is one person in history that exhibited humility like no one else. Though he was […]