Is Daddy Sad?

About an hour back, before my 2 year old daughter went on her afternoon nap, with sleepy eyes blurted out, “Amma, appa sad ayittu poitanagala?”, which means “Mom, did daddy go away because he was sad?”. My husband had come home for lunch and before heading back to work he said his good byes to his sweet daughter. But she was in no mood to say good bye or to even play with him. She was upset over something and he left hurriedly because he was getting late for work. Before going to sleep, my daughter remembered her mistake. And she asked me, quite seriously, if her daddy was sad because of her. I told her that he wasn’t sad.But she asked me the same question a second time to really make sure that he wasn’t sad. I reassured he wasn’t and when she felt confident that her daddy was happy, she quickly fell asleep.

Soon after the incident, the words “seek peace” flashed into my head. And that led me to believe that she was trying to seek peace with her dad, trying to reconcile if there was a mistake on her side. I was amazed to see how tender the hearts of children are! They have no ego and they make sure they are at peace with people around them as much as they can. I have seen her do the same at so many other instances and this is the first time my light bulb went on!

The Bible says,

As much as you can, live in peace with all men. Romans 12:18

As we grow up, we loose track of how God created us to be and start building walls. How awesome it would be if we could all be like children and ask important questions more easily!