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Intimacy With God

Getting to know God personally isĀ  the most fulfilling thing you will ever have in your life. It’s often difficult to grasp because we wonder if we can ever know God personally. My journey to experience God more personally probably began in my late middle school / high school years. I can’t point to a […]


I love the name Immanuel so much that we picked it as the middle name for our son. Immanuel – God with us. When I was pregnant with my son, our lease at the apartment we were living in was ending and as our family was growing we wanted to buy our own home. So […]

My Humble King

There is beauty when a powerful person stays humble. Humility is like the crown jewel and is the most valuable in people of power. Throughout history, there have been people who’ve rose to power but chose to remain humble. There is one person in history that exhibited humility like no one else. Though he was […]