Month: August 2021

Oh My Heart!

My kids were watching TV and I heard the all familiar phrase “Follow Your Heart”. I’ve heard other phrases along the same line, “You be who you want to be” or “Believe in your dreams”. All these phrases emphasize on the power of your heart and your thoughts. While I’m all for positive thoughts and […]

Good Good Father

A father’s love is special in every way, a love so special that it cannot be compared with any other kind of love. Even when it’s correction and discipline, a father’s love is covered in grace and compassion. There is usually a tenderness to the stern voice. A father’s heart longs for deep relationship with […]

Training For Gold

The Olympics has put people on the pedestal based on their ability to perform under pressure, their agility and strength. These athletes have trained for years for this event. Strict diets and lifestyle changes have been a must for the last several years. And yet only a few walk out with a medal. The majority […]

Amazing Grace?

I love the song “Amazing Grace”. Is grace truly amazing though? When our sins are forgiven, it is. When God wipes our slate clean and says “you are forgiven and you don’t have to earn it”, it’s amazing! What isn’t amazing though is when we have to extend that grace to others. Grace is anything […]